“Sonic brilliance.”


“Emotional, passionate, sensible, deep…beautifully executed.”
Louder Than War


If you’re into dreamy pop with a touch of electronica, you couldn’t do much better right now than Canadian duo Daemon & Airdrie.”
-Indie Shuffle


“Unmatched atmospheric quality…an already fully realized project that sounds years beyond the group’s genuine timeline.”
-Lords of Dogwood


“A flooring, honest and intensely emotional exploration of the complexities of intimacy.”
-Girl Underground Music


“Masterfully creative duo…a uniquely inspired soundtrack fueled by the very emotions the majority of us run away from.”
Middle Tennessee Music


“Beautiful and atmospheric…will charm you right from the first notes.”
-Paige Backstage 



Tears in the Vastness

Daemon & Airdrie are an electronic “ghost pop” duo from BC, Canada who combine intensely emotional, interweaving vocal lines with relaxed, minimal beats and sparse instrumentation to produce soundscapes that are as haunting as they are seductive. Choosing to abandon laptop-based production, the duo create and perform their material using samplers, live instruments and an arsenal of vintage gear, analog tape effects, spring verbs and dusty old tubes. The result? A unique sound that bridges earth and wire – a place where electricity meets and dances with the naked, human body.

Daemon & Airdrie formed in the fall of 2016 when the two longtime collaborators, who have toured internationally together for the past 8 years with critically acclaimed Canadian folk trio Dirty Grace, decided to explore their inspiration to make ‘deeply fragile yet undeniably courageous’ electronic pop music. Inspired by musicians like Portishead, James Blake, Jamie Woon and Little Dragon, Daemon & Airdrie seek to bring not simply a human touch to the electronic world, but an unprecedented vulnerability and lyrical honesty about the uncontrollable chaos of authentic human relationship.

The Huffington Post called the duo’s first single, China Shop, “Musical foreplay,” going on to say, “there’s a wonderful and unique arcane energy to their sound that you don’t usually get in dream pop.” Louder Than War called their second single “Passionate, deep and beautifully executed.” With their third single, “Go Easy” about to be released by California label GYPSYPOP Records, Daemon & Airdrie have already begun creating a stir, performing a handful of secret shows to local audiences as well as appearing at festivals such as Arts Wells, Campbell Bay Music Festival and the Robson Valley Music Festival. With more song releases and live shows to come in 2018, the duo is gearing up for an even bigger and bolder year ahead.




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